Top 4 Health Technology Innovations in 2021

There are many exciting health technology innovations today that are at the disposal of both patients and medical professionals.

Think of wearable fitness trackers. Imagine the health monitors and the virtual healthcare methods that have positively changed our opinion towards the medical and healthcare industry.

Some critics are frowning upon the lack of personal touch of the newest advances in health technology, but these innovations are needed and are here to stay and develop further. Here they are:

It Started With Online Consultations and Variations in Health Technology Took Off

Doctors already practiced online consultations for any disease, but when the Covid virus ramped up, many people sought out an online consultation. It branched out into health monitors to substitute for doctors’ inability to check the patients’ vital signs physically. It developed further into other technologies that promote overall wellness, such as apps on our smartphones to track our obesity reduction record, calorie consumption, heart health, etc.

Doctors have traditionally used in-person meetings to determine a person’s disorder and treatment plan, but faster, cheaper technology is making it more efficient. So make it an online record of the personal ledger of the physician with regards to the patient.

Virtual Reality

There are beneficial immersive experiences that Virtual Reality provides. Both medical practitioners and patients are rewarded with their potential to improve healthcare delivery.

Imagine an almost realistic and low-risk simulated platform for the training of future surgeons. In orthopedics, pain management, or mental health, immersion in virtual reality software can produce better results and better comprehension on the part of the patients of what they are experiencing medically.

The potential of virtual reality in rehabilitation and therapeutic medicine is boundless, and there is much room for better techniques.

Nanotechnology and Nanodevices

There is much debate on the efficacy of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancers. However, nanotechnology has made it possible for medical treatment on the molecular level rather than on the whole body (even if other parts don’t need therapy).

Nanopharmaceuticals focuses on delivering more minor drugs with precise execution methods. The ultimate goal of this technology is to only administer chemo drugs on the target tumor rather than the whole body.

3D Printing of Needed Body Parts

Think about the scenario today when a patient needs a specific organ or limb, and because of delays in supply delivery, the operation required to perform the procedure can’t proceed.

3D printing means that, if they exist, doctors can use skin cells to create the needed organ or other body parts quickly. There is no need to wait for supplies to arrive or organ donors to deliver the necessary details.

Health Technology is a field that is exciting and full of potential to improve the standard of health and fitness. Stay tuned for more innovations in the months and years to come! 

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