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Rutledge Insurance Group LLC offers affordable health insurance services to meet the needs of individuals, families, and groups. 

Choose from a number of plans that include coverage for dental care, vision care, and even critical illness protection. Get a quote today to get started!

Individual and family coverage

Individual and Family Coverage

There's good news as the private healthcare coverage makes a comeback! There are also options to participate with millions of participants of different organizations and gain access to fantastic health benefits at a reasonable price.
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Small Business coverage

Small Business Coverage

That's not going to be a cookie-cutter; one size fits all health plans. The approach is, of course, time-efficient but usually results in gaps in coverage and over-expenditure on unused benefits.
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Supplemental coverage

Supplemental Coverage

Additional benefits such as critical illness, injury, and hospitalization services may be obtained individually or added to almost every insurance plan to help offset out of the pocket expenses related to medical bills as well as personal costs.
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Dental coverage

Dental Coverage

Tooth decay is the second most prevalent disease (the cold is the most prevalent). One of the safest ways to prevent infection and disease is to practice good oral hygiene and frequently visit a dentist to clean and check.
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Critical Illness coverage

Critical Illness Coverage

Essential health insurance will help bridge the void between life insurance and health benefits. Health care offers medical insurance benefits but does not provide non-medical cost advantages.
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Vision coverage

Vision Coverage

Life is too magnificent not to see clearly. Vision coverage is not only highly inexpensive but also an outstanding investment!
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