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Individual and Family Coverage Health Insurance

When thinking about your health insurance options, most of us have been told “Go get a job with great benefits!” While that used to be excellent advice, for most Americans that is no longer true. Due to rising health care costs, it is becoming more and more difficult for employers to afford competitive health coverage plans for their employees.

We have great news! Individual private health coverage is making a comeback! You now have the option to join various associations with millions of members, allowing you to gain access to incredible health plans at an affordable price. There are no enrollment periods so you can find coverage year-round!

With us, you will have access to:

  • Fully Customizable health plans
  • Nationwide PPO networks
  • Coverage for any doctor any facility
  • 24-hour coverage, on or off the job
  • Portable coverage

individual insurance plans

When it comes to your health – keep doing what you’re doing. Rutledge Insurance Group LLC provides affordable coverage for individuals and families who want comprehensive yet cost-effective private insurance. With our simple application process, keeping dependents on or off their parent’s policy is easy. The best part? We have licensed health insurance professionals ready to answer any questions that may arise!

Chris E.
Chris E.
Health Insurance Client
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Anyone who is looking for good coverage on your kiddos and a good price needs to go visit with Randle! He helped us pick a plan, and was very informative about what our plan covers and how to get prescriptions at a lower cost. Insurance made easy!

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